A unique opportunity to own a genuine original canal boat registration from the Grand Junction Canal Company. These documents are dated between 1880 and 1936, they record the gauging of individual boats.

These records were then used to calculate the tonnage on board on each trip and hence the tolls to be paid.  The registration sheets, which were pre-printed, were then completed by hand – As they are presented.

Each document is approximately 13’’ x 18’’ and most are printed on both sides.

Please bear in mind that some registrations have frayed edges and will be slightly marked due to the age.

Photocopies of these historic documents have been taken and presented to the National Waterways Museum.

The original registration for the boat of your choice can be yours for £45.00. This includes postage and secure / strong protective packaging.

A donation of £5 will be made to HNBC for every document sold